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I have two models, User and Class. In MySQL, I could find users not in a class with something like:

SELECT * FROM Users WHERE id NOT IN (SELECT user_id FROM Classes)

How can I do something similar with MongoMapper? I've been able to in the Mongo console with:

db.users.find({user_id:{$ne:db.classes.find({}, {user_id:1})}});

but I can't figure out the syntax using MongoMapper.

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The Mongo snippet you posted is two queries. The MongoMapper equivalent is:

classy_users_ids = MyClass.fields(:user_id).find_each.map(&:user_id).uniq
classless_users  = User.where(:id.nin => classy_users_ids)

If you have a lot of users, the first query might be more efficient if you skip the conversion to MongoMapper::Document's with the following:

classy_users_ids = MyClass.collection.distinct(:user_id)
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I like the .distinct code, I didn't know about that -- thank you. –  jbnunn Feb 17 '12 at 20:01

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