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i'm using Microsoft's SqmApi.dll library to add telemetry to an application. e.g.:

ISQM sqm = new Sqm("ContosoGrobber");

sqm.Increment(FileOpen, 1);
sqm.SetIfMax(QueryTime, stopWatch.Interval);


And now i have a .sqm file ready for me to WebRequest back to my web-server:

enter image description here

Now all i need is a way to crack open the guts inside the file:


MSQMx       šwD                                      

Has anyone figured out the undocumented internal format used by every Microsoft product created in the last 8 years?

It's obviously not Base64 encoded, so presumably compressed.

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The Microsoft Customer Experience Improvement Program–Part 2

for privacy reasons Microsoft doesn’t share any details in public about the SQM file format. The SQM file basically contains header data and Datapoints.

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