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I'm making an ERD of my database, and am stuck with a little dilemma.

Consider the tables foo and bar. foo has three columns that are foreign keys, referencing to bar's primary key. My question is: in the ERD do I represent this with just one line between those two tables, or do I use three lines?

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Three lines, like this:

enter image description here

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Use three lines. It is used one line per relationship.

PS: It is perfectly ok to have many columns reference the same column in another table. For example you can have a Person table and a Sports table and in the Person table you can have 3 columns such as FavouriteIndividualSport, FavouriteTeamSport, FavouriteExtremeSport

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If you have three columns in a table all referencing one column in another table... it sounds like there are some problems with your table design!

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