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I tried $facebook->api('/me/apprequests/'); and that was blank even with 2 outstanding requests sent to 2 different friends. Nothing shows on graph explorer either.

What I need is a way to get this information without knowing the request ID, because I need to add this information to my database after they send a user to user request, to prevent them from sending more than one request to a friend per day. I know other apps do this, but I guess they aren't using FB.ui and probably record that info while sending the request?

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There is no way to get requests that user sent via apprequests connection of user object, only those user received.

You can read the apprequests sent to a user by your app by issuing an HTTP GET request to /USER_ID/apprequests with user access_token.

You should store information about requests sent by application on your end if you need that info.

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example of how? – user1175973 Feb 9 '12 at 2:26
Example of how what? Store requests ids on your end? This is totally up to you and technology you use... – Juicy Scripter Feb 9 '12 at 7:40

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