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I have an Item class and a Comment class. Items have many embedded comments.

Comments also store a user's username, so if a user changes their username, I want to update all of their comments.

I want to do something like this (obviously it doesn't work):

Item.where('comments.username' => 'elvis33').update_all('comments.username' => 'elvis')

How do I do this?

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$ positional operator has the limitation only applies to the first matched item in the query. There is a open issue in Jira regarding the issue (Vote it if you really need the feature)

So that leaves us no choice other than retrieving the comments collection and update all comments by looping it.

items = Item.only(:comments).where('comments.username' => 'elvis33')
items.each do |item| {|com| com.username == 'elvis33'}.each do |comment|
       comment.username = 'elvis'

The above code updates each item once with all modified comment user names. I haven't tested the code.

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Thanks for the info and code RameshVel. I got it working with your code, except for the .only(:comments) clause; I wonder if that's because comments are nested documents. Anyway, your answer seems like the best way to do it, until they enhance the $ positional operator. – user657823 Feb 10 '12 at 18:21

Since username is actually part of an document of an embedded array, you have to use the positional operator like this:

Item.where('comments.username' => 'elvis33').update_all('comments.$.username' => 'elvis')

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Thanks for the answer, but this won't work. From the documentation: Currently the $ operator only applies to the first matched item in the query. – user657823 Feb 8 '12 at 23:54

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