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I will like to make a very dynamic datatable, so I can send a SQL by AJAX, and by column-name and data create a table. There can be 2 og 20 column in that table.

As I know it is os only possible to make a change the data(aaData). A example of a function that change data and not the column-header is.

I got JQuery, DataTables, AJAX to work from this example: datatables.net

    "bProcessing": true,
    "bServerSide": true,
    //"sAjaxDataProp": "aaData",
    "sPaginationType": "full_numbers",
    "sAjaxSource": "scripts/json.jsp",
    "bDeferRender": true,

The JSON that are returned from the json.jsp

"aaData":[["Gecko","Camino 1.5","OSX.3+","1.8","A"],["Gecko","Camino 1.0","OSX.2+","1.8","A"],["Gecko","Firefox 3.0","Win 2k+ \/ OSX.3+","1.9","A"],["Gecko","Firefox 2.0","Win 98+ \/ OSX.2+","1.8","A"],["Gecko","Firefox 1.5","Win 98+ \/ OSX.2+","1.8","A"],["Gecko","Firefox 1.0","Win 98+ \/ OSX.2+","1.7","A"],["Gecko","Epiphany 2.20","Gnome","1.8","A"],["Gecko","Seamonkey 1.1","Win 98+ \/ OSX.2+","1.8","A"],["Gecko","Mozilla 1.8","Win 98+ \/ OSX.1+","1.8","A"],["Gecko","Mozilla 1.7","Win 98+ \/ OSX.1+","1.7","A"]],

I will try to avoid to end up with this solution:

    "url": 'scripts/json.jsp',
    "success": function ( json ) {
        $('#example1').dataTable( json );
    "dataType": "json"
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I am looking for the same thing. I wish the library was more flexible with its column details. –  Shane Reustle Nov 30 '12 at 3:43

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