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Currently, I have found Scintilla. It has a Cocoa port, but I am not sure how stable it is. And I think it is bloated. Any simple, cross-platform edit control with syntax highlighting (and possibly 'code folding')?

Note: No need for a GUI. Just the 'guts' are fine.

Update: I was actually mistaken somewhat. I was confusing 'Rich Edit' control with 'Code Editing' control. Scintilla is a 'Code Editing' control, and that is what I am interested in. A control that has the best of both worlds would be icing on the cake.

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From your mention of Cocoa I suspect you want to develop for iOS. If this is the case maybe this question can help you Rich text editor library for iOS

Edit: http://cocoadev.com/index.pl?TextEditors there you find a lot of cocoa TextEditors (also for code, e.g. BBEdit or TextWrangler

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