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I have a website with registration forms. I'm going to be demoing the website onscreen, and would like to have the forms fill themselves out, as if a person was manually typing in the form data.

Is there a relatively simple way to do this with jQuery?

Thanks very much!

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From this Stack Overflow question, it looks like there’s a jQuery plug-in called jTypeWriter that might do what you’re looking for.

But as Robert says, the Selenium IDE plug-in for Firefox lets you record and play back browser interactions — assuming you’re demoing from your own computer, that’s probably easier than writing a bunch of jQuery code.

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What about a Macro PlugIn?
If you use Firefox, you can check out this: iMacros.

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I would instead look at the Selenium IDE.

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Looks like cool stuff. Going to try it out and get back. Thanks guys. – Gabe Feb 8 '12 at 22:56
Selenium IDE powerful great - will definitely use it on another project someday - but jTypeWriter fit my simple needs for now. – Gabe Feb 9 '12 at 14:42

Here is a simple solution:

//declare string to write,
//then split it at each letter,
//then get the total number of letters,
//declare a starting index of zero,
//then set a timer for an interval
var string  = 'hello there',
    letters = string.split(''),
    total   = letters.length,
    index   = 0,
    $ele    = $('input'),//this should be changed to target the form input you want to type into
    timer   = setInterval(function () {

        //check if there are any more letters
        if (index < total) {

            //if there are more letters then add the next letter to the input
            $ele.val(function () {
                return $ele.val() + letters[(index++)];

        //if there are no more letters then clear the interval so it stops running
        } else {
    }, 500);

Here is a demo:

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jsfiddle looks awesome – Robert Peters Feb 8 '12 at 23:05

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