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For a registration form I have something simple like:

				required="true" />
				required="true" />
		<tr:message for="zip" />
		<tr:message for="city" />

When including the last two lines, I get two messages on validation error. When ommiting last to lines, a javascript alert shows up, which is not what I want.

Is there a solution to show only one validation failed message somehow?

Thanks a lot!

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Problem is, the fields must layout horizontally. It's a no-go to put ZIP field and city not next to each other in one line. At least for me.

A co-worker has pointed me to set a faclets variable inside the first tr:message and to put a rendered attribute at the second one that reacts on this variable. Havn't got the time to try nor found the right command for setting a varable yet. Will post results as soon as possible.

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I know this won't be ideal, but if you remove the panelLabelAndMessage tag and just use the label attribute on the inputText tag that should remove the extra error message.

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