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Database Scheme: http://pastebin.com/aPXk1rMf

I'm want to select "post owner's uName" and "comment owner's uName" from "comments" table (i.e. I think I need cOwnerID>uName and pID>uID>uName) so that I can log some activities right after a comment is posted. I tried to use MySQL joins in order to achieve that but I couldn't; so here's what I tried in vain.

$result = dbquery("INSERT INTO comments VALUES ('','$pID','$ownerID','$cmnt')"); // inserting a comment

$lastID = mysql_insert_id();

$res = dbquery("SELECT
                users.username AS username
            FROM `comments`
            LEFT JOIN `users` on comments.cOwnerID = users.uID
            WHERE (cID='$lastID')");
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I think you have to use aliases for table users, because, actually, you will have two joins on this table : one for the post author and another for the comment's author.

Try something like this :

                commentAuthor.username AS commentauthor_username,
                postAuthor.username AS postauthor_username
            FROM `comments`
            LEFT JOIN `users` AS commentAuthor on comments.cOwnerID = commentAuthor.uID
            LEFT JOIN `posts` on posts.pId = comments.pID
            LEFT JOIN `users` AS postAuthor on posts.uID = postAuthor.uID
            WHERE (cID='$lastID')
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SELECT users1.username, users2.username FROM Posts p
LEFT JOIN users users1 ON users1.uID=p.uID
LEFT OUTER JOIN comments ON comments.pID=p.pID
LEFT OUTER JOIN users users2 ON users2.uID=comments.cOwnerID

Given a particular post ID, this will get the username of the person who posted and the username of each person who commented on that post (one row per comment).

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SELECT Users.uName  AS UserNamePost
             , UserComment.uName AS UserNameComment
FROM Users
    ON Posts.uID = Users.uID;
    ON Comments.pID  = Posts.pID ;
INNER JOIN Users AS UserComment
    ON Comments.cOwnerID   = UserComment.uID  ;

This will aim to have the user that has posted the post and then join the user for all comments for the post

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"SELECT users.username AS username, comments.cOwnerID AS commentOwner, users.uID AS userID FROM comments LEFT JOIN users ON commentOwner = userID WHERE commentOwner = '{$lastID}'";

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