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I have an import utility I'd like to use for creating records on heroku.

I want to use that to import data from a file on my development machine without having to check the file into the repository. Is there a way to do this with a rake task or the heroku gem?

I could upload the file in a web form which could time out, or I could store the file on S3, but that seems rather excessive.

Any easy way to do this?

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2 Answers

No, it's not possible to access local files on your development machine from anything run with heroku run (which includes rake tasks, assuming you're on cedar).

I've taken the following approach:

  • seed data is stored in the repo and loaded using seed_fu

  • Non-seed data is uploaded to S3 via a web form, and linked to a DataFile model using paperclip (a little overkill, but I was using it for images elsewhere). I can then use rake tasks or delayed job workers to process the files. It's definitely a bit of overhead.

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You can read from standard in on your machine.

heroku run rake whatever <./file
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