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This is part of mongo-config.xml:

<mongo:repositories base-package="com.padmenu.web.repositories"
    mongo-template-ref="mongoTemplate" query-lookup-strategy="create-if-not-       found">
    <mongo:repository id="userRepository" />
    <mongo:repository id="categoryRepository" />

and inside applicationContext.xml:

<context:annotation-config />
<context:component-scan base-package="com.padmenu" />
<mvc:annotation-driven />
<import resource="mongo-config.xml" />

My CategoryRepository is

public interface CategoryRepository extends CrudRepository<Category, Long> {


My CategoryBean is

public class CategoryBean implements Serializable {

CategoryRepository categoryRepository;

In the PostConstruct of the CategoryBean

public void init() {
    selectedCategory = new Category();
    categoryList = (List<Category>) categoryRepository.findAll();
    deleteCategoryList = new ArrayList<Category>();
    userLocaleList = new ArrayList<Locale>();
    userLocaleList.add(new Locale("tr"));
    userLocaleList.add(new Locale("en"));
    isForUpdate = false;

Here categoryRepository is null. What is the reason? Why auto wiring is not working?

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I am glad you got it working.

Just in case it help, I did a spring/mongodb example a few months ago. Details of my example are here:

Code at

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Adding @Controller to public class CategoryBean implements Serializable solved the problem.

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