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I am using Nested Sortables for JQuery. I want to make each nestable an accordion. I have gotten to the point where I have nested sortables and accordions; however, whenever I drag any of the sortables to the left, the whole application freezes.

Here is my JS (this runs fine):

    disableNesting: 'no-nest',
    forcePlaceholderSize: true,
    handle: 'div',
    helper: 'clone',
    items: 'li',
    maxLevels: 10,
    opacity: .6,
    placeholder: 'placeholder',
    revert: 250,
    tabSize: 25,
    tolerance: 'pointer',
    toleranceElement: '> div'                   

$(function() {
    var stop = false;
    $( "#accordion h3" ).click(function( event ) {
         if ( stop ) {
            stop = false;
    $( "#accordion" )
            header: "> ol > li > div > h3"
            axis: "y",
            handle: "h3",
            stop: function() {
            stop = true;

Here is the html:

<section id="accordion"> 
    <ol class="sortable"> 
        <li id="list_1">
                <h3><a href="#">Header</a></h3>
                    <p>des fields.</p>
        <li id="list_2"><div>Item 2</div> 
            <li id="list_3"><div>Sub Item 2.1</div> 
            <li id="list_4"><div>Sub Item 2.2</div> 
            <li id="list_5"><div>Sub Item 2.3</div> 
            <li id="list_6"><div>Sub Item 2.4</div> 

This is definitely a problem that only comes about when using accordions with the sortables. Has anyone run across this problem?

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Do you mind creating a fiddle? – Juzer Ali Mar 20 '12 at 16:37
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You might want to try

$('ol.sortable').nestedSortable({ options }).accordion({accordion options});
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You could use Jquery UI sortable() and accordion() methods inside a method of your own passing the element as an argument and using your function on the level you desire.

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You can try this plugin


        $.accordion_each = function(obj,options){

            function nextChar(my_string){
                return my_string.substring(0,my_string.length-1)+String.fromCharCode(my_string.charCodeAt(my_string.length-1)+1)

            var defaults = {'clicking':false,'show':false};

            var options = $.extend({}, defaults, options);


            var init = obj


            var c='a';

            for(var i = 0;i<25;i++){

                if( obj.find('.'+c).children().next()){



            var wrapping = obj.find('a.toggler');

            wrapping.wrap('<div class="panel"/>')


                if( $(this).attr('class')!='a') {

                    if($(this).next().attr('class') == nextChar($(this).parent().attr('class')) ){


                        var cur = $(this).next();






        $.fn.accordion = function(Options) {
            this.each(function() {
                $.accordion_each(this, Options);
            return this;
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May be this will help you.view this link and download the all file and see the example. there is one example related to your problem


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Something like this

<li id="list_1">
    <div class='test'>
        <div class='header'> Header</div>
        <div> Content of header 1</div>
            <p>des fields.</p>
function loadTemplatesAccordion() {
        icons: false,
        autoHeight: false,
        active: false,
        header: '.head',
        collapsible: true
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