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The following code prints on screen a list of usernames. However on the fid.txt file, only the last one username is saved. What am I missing here?

foreach ($twitter_xml->channel->item as $key) {
$author = $key->guid;

preg_match("#[^\/]+)/statuses/.*#", $author, $matches);


file_put_contents('fid.txt', $matches[1]);
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You need to set the FILE_APPEND flag (see here) – Chris Taylor Feb 9 '12 at 0:05
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file_put_contents overwrites the file by default. Change it to use append mode, and it'll probably do what you expect.

file_put_contents('fid.txt', "\n" . $matches[1], FILE_APPEND); // also added a newline to break things up

Even better, you should append to the string, and only write to the file once:

$usernames = array();
foreach ($twitter_xml->channel->item as $key) {
    // ... stuff ...
    $usernames[] = $matches[1];
// Save everything, separated by newlines
file_put_contents('fid.txt', "\n" . implode("\n", $usernames), FILE_APPEND);
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Unless you use the FILE_APPEND flag, file_put_contents() will open, write to, and close the file anew each time.

Try file_put_contents('fid.txt', $matches[1], FILE_APPEND);

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You need to use file_put_contents('fid.txt', $matches[1], FILE_APPEND);

By default file_put_contents() overwrites the file each call.

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file_put_contents('fid.txt', $matches[1], FILE_APPEND);

You are overwriting the whole file each time.

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