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In Netbeans w/Mercurial you have a menu that lists your default push/pull repositories along with an option for "other" to manually specify a repository to push/pull:

push/pull menu

My "default push/pull" is set to our central repository, but my working repositories are pulled into a staging repository first. Needless to say, I could use more items in the "Share" menu than just "default push/pull". Is there a way to define more, so it would look something like:

- Share
--- Push to default
--- Push to my-other-repo-1
--- Push to my-other-repo-2
--- Push to other
--- Pull from default
--- Pull from my-other-repo-1
--- Pull from my-other-repo-2
--- Pull from other

Currently I just select "pull from other" but then have to manually type in the other repositories' information each time.

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I looked in the source for the Mercurial integration with NetBeans and it is not possible to extend the menu. It is simply created with a single menu item for "Push Other..." and "Pull Other...".

Mercurial actually has a mechanism whereby you can add shortcuts to other repositories:

default = http://server/mike-transcodes-719
my-other-repo-1 = ssh://server/other-repo11
my-other-repo-2 = http://server/other-repo-2

With such a section in your .hg/hgrc file, you can now do

$ hg pull my-other-repo-1

on the command line. However, NetBeans only read the default, default-push, and default-pull values from the [paths] section in your .hg/hgrc file. It would have been smart to include other push/pull paths in the menu, but they're ignored.

This is as of NetBeans version 7.1, hopefully this changes in the future.

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Great answer Martin. – Nick Pierpoint Feb 28 '12 at 12:23

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