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I am new to marklogic. Can anyone please provide me a script to get document name and XML file contents of the document, and also uploaded/created timestamp by passing attribute value.

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This question is hard to understand. Documents in MarkLogic are identified by URI, not name. If you know the URI, then just do


to get the contents. The last-modified time for a document is stored as document property, which you can get using the XPath properties axis like


There are other ways to get the document properties like the xdmp:document-properties() api call.

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In addition to the answer by @eric-bloch, if you did a search, you can determine the uri using fn:base-uri() or xdmp:node-uri(). For example like this:

for $d in cts:search(doc(), cts:and-query(()))[1 to 10]
return fn:base-uri($d)

Note: the empty and-query is a little trick to get all documents returned. The 1 to 10 predicate makes sure you don't get the entire database returned at once, but only the first ten. If you would add an order by on the last-modified property, you could get the ten oldest or newest documents this way.

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I think you meant "but only the first ten" (not two). –  Evan Lenz Feb 9 '12 at 11:44
Thnx @evan-lenz, fixed the answer.. –  grtjn Feb 9 '12 at 17:42

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