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I am trying to parse out a mm/dd/yyyy formatted date into separate fields, but I get the following error when I try to compile:

non-static method next() cannot be referenced from a static context

What could be causing the error?

import java.util.Scanner;

public class Problem39

    public static void main(String [ ] args)

    boolean isLeapYear =false;
    int maxDay=0;
    String stringDate;

    System.out.println("Enter the date in mm/dd/yyyy format. ");  //user input
    Scanner keyboard = new Scanner(;                    //read input
    String;                                //store input
    String temp=date.split("/");  //parse date
    int month=IntegerParseInt(temp[1]);
    int day=IntegerParseInt(temp[0]);
    int year=IntegerParseInt(temp[2]);
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It could be because next() is a Scanner instance method, and you're not calling it on a scanner instance. The parsing is also incorrect. – Dave Newton Feb 9 '12 at 1:32
you should use, not Sorry have to downvote this. – Petro Semeniuk Feb 9 '12 at 1:33
@Petro, why would the OP's confusion merit a downvote? Isn't that why SO exists, to clear up such common confusions? – kaveman Feb 9 '12 at 1:34
also change IntegerParseInt to Integer.parseInt – RanRag Feb 9 '12 at 1:37
@kaveman, it's just that difference between static/instance method is very basic java knowledge. Also there are three questions on stackoverflow "why non-static method cannot be referenced from a static context" answered already. – Petro Semeniuk Feb 9 '12 at 2:44


String date =;  


String date =;  

next() is an instance method, so you must call it on an instance of the class Scanner.

Also, change:

String temp = date.split("/"); 


String[] temp = date.split("/"); 

the split() method returns a string array.

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the only answer to actually explain the answer! – kaveman Feb 9 '12 at 1:36
Now it is complaining about incompatible types on the next line String temp=date.split("/"); //parse date – Ian Conner Feb 9 '12 at 1:48

You mean

String date =;

instead of

String date =;
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Change the code:



String date =;
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It is Integer.parseInt() not IntegerParseInt.

Also change to this

String date =;
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It should be not

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thanks for all the help fellas – Ian Conner Feb 9 '12 at 2:39
Hi Ian and welcome. You shouldn't say (write) thanks literally, but upvote the answer (the Δ beneath the anwer) and accept the best one (with the √). This gives the answerer reputation and avoids lengthy dialogs ("Thanks"/"You're welcome"/...). – user unknown Feb 9 '12 at 2:45

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