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This code prints "Got match" if the string can be matched in the /$reg/. Is is possible for me not just to match but display all the possible strings from that regular expression. Like for example my regular expression is "(a|b)*" possible strings are aaaa, abbb, bbbb, bbbaa, etc. I want to print all of those with the maximum length 5.

$reg = $_POST['regex']; 
$str = $_POST['str'];

if (preg_match("/$reg/", $str)) 
    echo "Got match!";

echo "String not valid";

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if (preg_match_all("/$reg/", $str, $matches, PREG_PATTERN_ORDER)) 

See the documentation.

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Use preg_match_all()

if (preg_match_all('/\b[ab]{1,5}\b/', $str, $matches)) {
    echo implode(', ', $matches[0]);

This finds all strings of sequential "a" or "b" characters up to a maximum length of 5.

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Thank you sir, can I ask a question? If this finds all strings of sequential "a" or "b" how come there is still an string in the parameters ($str). what string should I put there? – John Feb 9 '12 at 4:37
@John $str is the subject of the search – Phil Feb 9 '12 at 4:47

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