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On the Mongodb quickstart guide, it says to create a /data/db directory like this

 $ sudo mkdir -p /data/db/
 $ sudo chown `id -u` /data/db

Then says to start Mongodb in one terminal using this command


and then to start the shell in another terminal which will connect to localhost by default

 $ ./mongodb-xxxxxxx/bin/mongo

I assume "xxxxxxx" is some folder but how do I find out what folder to put in there? I'm not very skilled with Unix... Thanks for your help.

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The xxxxxxx is just the version number of the file you downloaded.

For example if you use the Linux 64-bit version, you will download the zip file mongodb-linux-x86_64-2.0.2.tgz.

Then when you unzip it (tar xzf mongodb-linux-x86_64-2.0.2.tgz), you will get a folder called mongodb-linux-x86_64-2.0.2. The linux-x86_64-2.0.2 is what *xxxxxxx the quickstart guide refers to.

So you do ./mongodb-linux-x86_64-2.0.2/bin/mongod, and ./mongodb-linux-x86_64-2.0.2/bin/mongo.

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on Mac OS X.10.5.8 here are the simple steps, using macports.

i had to remove my boost package and use the 1.49 version instead.

Here are the commands sequence I used:

$sudo port -v selfupdate
$svn co  -r 93341 ''
$cd /tmp
$cd boost/
$sudo port install boost
$sudo port activate boost @1.49.0_0
$sudo port install mongodb

an then time to run mongo:

$sudo port load mongodb
$mongo localhost/admin


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