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I am getting two errors in w3 css validtor as

  1. Value Error : font-family Property font-family doesn't exist in CSS level 2.1 but exists in [css1, css2, css3] : Helvetica

  2. Property src doesn't exist : url('tl_files/Helvetica.ttf') format("truetype" )

my css with these code is\

@font-face{font-family:Helvetica;src: url('tl_files/Helvetica.ttf') format("truetype");}

how can I rectify these errors?

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Strange-looking error, but just switch your validation profile to CSS level 3 and that will sort it. You can find this in a drop-down menu on the page where you entered your code to validate.

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its a css3 property, and you should select css level 3 in the validation process

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