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I've created a series of meetings in SharePoint 2007. All meetings have a common "base" agenda, but each meeting will have its own unique agenda items.

Is there a way to implement that in SharePoint? If I set the agenda items to be "series items", I'm not able to deviate from that list for individual meetings. That's the problem

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Yes, use a list that includes multiple content types. You can define custom content types at a site level and they will be available within that site and all sub sites. You can enable content types on a list or library and include multiple content types for that list or library. You can also have a content types in several lists and libraries.

Content types can inherit from one another as well. So, you could have a "Base Agenda" content type and have other content types inherit from that. Content types go beyond just metadata and deal with behavior as well. You can assign workflows to a content type and in MOSS you can assign policies (e.g., expiration policy) to content types.

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