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I want to set User defaults value from command line. I found the document about the User defaults and how to pass a value via command line. What I'm trying to do now is pass the "set of strings" as the value to an application. More speicfically, I want to run XCode(4.2) with PBExtraPlugInFolders set. Here is the User Defaults of XCode and it says PBExtraPlugInFolders is "set of string".

What I have tried so far is following command which does not work.

/Developer/Applications/ -PBExtraPlugInFolders /PluginFolder

I also tried following command which also do not work.

/Developer/Applications/ -PBExtraPlugInFolders /PluginFolder/myplugin.bundle
/Developer/Applications/ -PBExtraPlugInFolders "/PluginFolder"
/Developer/Applications/ -PBExtraPlugInFolders "/PluginFolder/myplugin.bundle"

Any idea?

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You can pass array of values enclosed with brackets separated with commas, like '("/path/you/want")'.

To examine that you can run e.g. defaults read -app Xcode and look examples for all possible types in many variations; also command defaults read-type -app Xcode InterestingKey will show you type of value for InteresingKey.

But I don't think this key is still relevant.

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