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I want to insert bulk records(multiple cities) in Database,Assume country is always same in list object(list of cities).

My Question is Should I initialize country instance with index 0 city or set country instance with all cities. initilize country instance with index 0 seem to be fine

   City:New York        Country:USA
   City:Los Angeles     Country:USA
   City:Chicago         Country:USA
   City:Houston         Country:USA    
   City:New York        Country:USA
   City:Los Angeles     Country:null
   City:Chicago         Country:null
   City:Houston         Country:null

I am not talking about how to insert in database,use transaction or pass XML to stored procedure or ..... Want o know best practices or best design approach

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For the second option, how does someone looking up Chicago know to refer to the Country for New York? Or will access only be sequentially from the top? – dlev Feb 9 '12 at 5:27
The answer depends on what receives this input. If you use a stored procedure that receives XML, than you should have a collection of elements that have only City attribute and one element for the country. So give more information... – evpo Feb 9 '12 at 5:54

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