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So I have one RelaxNG schema that references another:

<define name="review">
  <element name="review">
    <externalRef href="other.rng"/>


    <ref name="good"/>
    <ref name="bad"/>

<define name="good"> 
  <element name="good"/>

<define name="bad">
  <element name="bad"/>

Is there any way I can import only <good>, but not allow <bad>? The goal being:

<review><good/></review>: valid
<review><bad/></review>: invalid
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The grammar you import with externalRef can't be modified. To achieve the kind of validation you're after, I see this method :

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<grammar xmlns=""
    <include href="other.rng">
        <start combine="choice">
            <ref name="review"/>
    <define name="review">
        <element name="review">
            <ref name="good"/>
  • You include the other schema.
  • You override the start element in the include (good and bad elements won't be possible root). The specification says :

If the include element has a start component, then all start components are removed from the grammar element.

  • You make a reference to the good element in your review definition.
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