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i have a code that works on all files in folder and analyise it and come then export results into excel sheet.

My question is, by the end i alot of excel sheets and i need to combine them all together (i also need them separate) so i do this manualy and its really painfull and time wasting !

So i want to ask is there a way to create an array to save the results of each analysis my code process and export all at the end to one excel file.

Example of my code Workflow: Read files in current dir Open files one by one. Do math equations and get results into 2 arrays amp[] signal[] (both are equal in size) Export results into Excel using

xlswrite([b '.xls'],[amp' signal'],1);%%b=file name (example.avi ==> example.avi.xls)

And so on.

So i want to save the results after that to array with the filename and at the end past all into 1 excel sheet with the file name on top of each column :)

I dont know why i'm having a brain block on how to do it !

Thanks alot for your help in advance

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Xlswrite supports that you give a start point or range where you want to put your data. See Xlswrite.

You can quickly calculate the column name using this.

But you must be aware that excel only supports 255 columns and 1024 rows in a sheet. This happened often to me and then one gets a very uninformative error.

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