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Thanks for looking at my code. I am getting Insufficient permissions exception from photobucket. I have put my code snippet below:

try {
    $key = '45435xxxx';
    $sec = 'xxxx98989';
    $api = new PBAPI($key, $sec);


    /*----- authToken and oauth_token_secret-------*/

    $api->setOAuthToken($authToken, $oauth_token_secret,"ricolifts");

    $response = $api->album('testalbum')->upload(array('type' => 'image', 'uploadfile' => '@'.$path, 'title' => 'my upload'))->post()->getResponseString();

catch (PBAPI_Exception_Response $e) {

    echo "RESPONSE $e";
catch (PBAPI_Exception $e) {

    echo "EX $e";

The error I am getting is: Exception Insufficient permissions 9 xml POST 1328766775

Please help me. What I am missing or what is wrong with my code. Am I missing a parameter to the upload function? Is there some other authentication I missing ? Any role of subdomain ? Can I use temp as album name? I appreciate in advance. Thanks again

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I'm the developer of the Photobucket API code you're using.

You've got a Request token there. You need to go through the web authentication process to have a user input their username and password in photobucket, and exchange that request token for an access token.

See the simple_demo.php https://bitbucket.org/photobucket/api-php5-pear/src/1b31215ab83e/simple_demo.php for an example of how this works with that library.

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justin if im a business there is no way for me to upload all images through my site to photobucket? someone phisically has to log in every time an upload occurs? –  Rico Feb 10 '12 at 20:44

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