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I have a 3D list fp = {{x1, y1, z1}, {x2, y2, z2},...{x100, y100, z100}}, and I have a function resulting from a Fit

fitline = Fit[fp, {1, x, x^2, y, y^2, x y}, {x, y}]

then i would like to compare the fitted values, i. e. fitline(x1, y1), fitline(x2, y2), etc., to the original ones z1, z2, etc.

So how can I use each x in fp[[All, 1]] and each y in fp[[All, 2]] to generate a new list, say fdata consisting of {fitline(x1, y1), fitline(x2, y2), ...}? Is there any to do it without using embedded loops?

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What version of Mathematica do you use? Do you have access to LinearModelFit from version 7? – Szabolcs Feb 9 '12 at 7:20
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Assuming (hoping) that you have Mma version 7 so that youcan use LinearModelFit which allows extraction of many properties of the fitted model including "PredictedResponse". For example,

 ClearAll[x, y, data, pred];
 data = Flatten[Table[{x, y, Sin[x + y]}, {x, 5}, {y, 5}], 1];
 lm = LinearModelFit[data, {x, y}, {x, y}];
 pred = lm["PredictedResponse"];
 Transpose@Flatten[{Transpose@data, {pred}}, 1] // MatrixForm


data with predictions

If you have to work with Fit, then you can do the following:

 lmf = Fit[data, {1, x, y}, {x, y}];
 fitfunc[x_, y_] := lmf[[1]] + lmf[[2, 1]] x + lmf[[3, 1]] y;
 predz = fitfunc @@@ data[[All, 1 ;; 2]];
 dataAndPredictions = 
 Transpose@Flatten[{Transpose@data, {predz}}, 1] // MatrixForm
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