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I am using Aptana Studio 3 to develop an application in python+django. But for some reason Aptana Studio treats one of my .py file as html.

So, for that file I have no syntax highlighting, moreover when I try to comment code using Ctrl + '/', it wraps the code with html comment tags <!-- --> instead of python comment tags and it also throws a warning message at the end saying: "should insert missing 'title' element". All of this suggesting that Aptana is expecting a html file despite .py extension.

Important: I manually created this file using <Package Name>(right click) > New > File, all my other .py files are auto generated when I created the project and they are working as expected. The file compiles well however.

Any clue, what's happening?

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I figured it out, create a new .py file using <Package Name>(right click) > New > PyDev Module. Basically create New PyDev Module doesn't matter how.

Earlier I used New File instead of New PyDev Module, which led to Aptana treating it as regular file (html probably) despite its .py extension.

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