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I'm using Pretty Photo v3.1.3 and jQuery UI v1.8.17

I'm displaying inline content from my page with Pretty Photo:

<a rel = "pretty" onClick = "prepareProblemForm()" href = "#form" title = "" >Form</span></a>
<div id = "form-details" style = "display: none;"></div>
<script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8">

The section of code inserted by prepareProblemForm() which will be displayed with PrettyPhoto is:

    $(function() { 
        $('#date').live('click', function () {
            $(this).datepicker('destroy').datepicker({showOn: 'both'}).focus();

I followed this and this. I made the date picker to be displayed properly but when I try to press a date which should be displayed in the text field nothing happens. Sometime instead of the text a new button (which if pressed it opens the date picker) inside the DOOM

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