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I started to work on a very cool Chrome extension and I ran into a little problem.

I want to allow my user to share a link. By sharing this link, other users can get some information with my extension.

The problem is when a user click on the shared link, I want to check if my Chrome extension is installed on his browser. If it does - great, else - I want to redirect him to download my extension.

Any ideas how to?

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Make the extension add an invisible element to the DOM of every page that it loads, marking it with a unique ID. When the user clicks on that link, run some javascript to check for that element -- if it doesn't exist, then you know the extension hasn't been installed.

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Thanks! I used this and it's works great :) –  fastrd Feb 9 '12 at 14:44

One possibility is to have your extension run a content script on all sites* and add a listener for click events on document. It would check event.target to make sure it's a link and has a particular prefix, and if it does, it would call the preventDefault method of its parameter and do its stuff. For users without your extension, the link would of course work like any other.

*This causes Chrome to warn your potential users about this when they install your extension; read Permission Warnings for more information.

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I think you should be able to set/modify headers in the HTTP requests (as of Chrome 17?). Adding a header to requests would mean you can detect the presence of the extension on the server side.

This is fairly unintrusive. Many extensions/plugins have historically modified the User-Agent header.

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