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I am trying to use an external objects in my report.

  1. I added the jar file with external objects to iReport classpath (in settings)
  2. The static text (with I18n)
msg($R{pdf.invoice.finalTitle}, $P{invoice.number})
  1. I have added such definitions into xml:
<import value="crm.object.objects.Invoice"/>

<parameter name="invoice" class="crm.object.objects.Invoice" isForPrompting="false">
        <property name="number" value=""/>

But still it fails during compilation with error: Report design not valid :       1. Parameter not found : invoice.number

What I am doing wrong? Thank you

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The parameter you have defined is "invoice", not "invoice.number". So, it should be $P{invoice}. You can then access it's variable, if it has enough access privileges...or by it's getter, as $P{invoice}.getNumber()

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