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In my sample JSF application am using rich:dataTable in page to display data.

I have 2 header to display value in rich:dataTable like following

| UserDetails | EmpoyeeDetails |

In message resource bundle file having key and value like

usrDet = UserDetails empDet = EmpoyeeDetails

I need to display like User in one line and Details in next line of that particular header

| User | Empoyee |

| Details | Details |

How to add new line character in message bundle between words? I tried by

adding Hexa decimal code, Numerical Code for \n like , \u000A but its not working for me!! any Idea????

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JSF generates HTML. Newlines in HTML are not represented by the \n character, but by the <br> element.

In order to have the HTML client to interpret \n too, you need to throw in CSS white-space: pre or pre-wrap:

key = Lorem ipsum.\nDolor sit amet.
<h:outputText value="#{bundle.key}" style="white-space: pre-wrap" />

Alternatively, use <br> instead and have JSF unescape it. E.g.

key = Lorem ipsum.<br/>Dolor sit amet.
<h:outputText value="#{bundle.key}" escape="false" />
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Try the steps outlined here:

Basically, you use the StringEscapeUtils.unescapeJava(String str) static method.

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