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In Mongodb, you can write queries that include multiple attributes of objects and even nested objects. Does oracle coherence support such complex queries or is it a simple K/V store?

Sample Mongodb query:

db.reports.find({profit:{$gt:99}, classification:'gas', name:/^USA/})

Is it possible to do similar queries on coherence?

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Yes, you can query entries belonging to a single cache against multiple object attributes (nested objects included).
You can either use Filter API or Coherence Query Language to do that.

The above query expressed via Filters would be something like:

reportsCache.entrySet(new AllFilter(new Filter[] {
                    new GreaterFilter("getProfit", 99),
                    new EqualsFilter("getClassification", "gas"),
                    new LikeFilter("getName", "USA%")

or using CohQL:

select * from "reports" where profit > 99 and classification = "gas" and name like "USA%"
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