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I am looking for a UML design tool (just for design, no need for code generation).

Key features

  1. Free
  2. For Linux
  3. Easy to use
  4. Lightweight
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Most of the UML tools for linux looks really bad, but you could use these:


  • ASCII flow - you can not always include images in documentation but simple text looks everywhere same, good to use in code for quick overview.

For quick drawings and who does not scare to "code" some diagrams I also suggest to take look at this product http://yuml.me/diagram/scruffy/class/samples.

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I am using ArgoUML for now. But it is a big pain in the backside. Very limited support for UML models and connectors. Something is better than nothing. –  Kamal Feb 14 '12 at 5:11
It is Umbrello not Umbrella (for those doing a search in a package manager.) –  Cory B Aug 18 '14 at 20:38

i like UMLet: http://www.umlet.com/. It's very light weight

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I just discovered Violet UML. Easy to use, lightweight, diagrams look ok for me: I picked it for my use!

See here : http://alexdp.free.fr/violetumleditor/page.php

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Did you mean a tool to draw the diagram? Try Dia Diagram Editor.

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I recommend StarUML 2: http://staruml.io

There are debian/ubuntu packages for both 32-bit and 64-bit. It is very easy to use and lightweight. It is commercial but no time limit for evaluation (like Sublime Text 2).

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You can find a metalist of lists of UML open source tools here: http://modeling-languages.com/uml-tools/#open

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I use the Obeo UML Designer that you can find in the eclipse Marketplace.

Link: http://marketplace.obeonetwork.com/module/uml

It goes very well together with the Acceleo toolkit for MDSD.

I think the major selling point for any modeling tool is that it has to be able to produce an output that can be fed into your toolchain.

I have never seen models that just exist for pure documentary purposes survive more than two or three cycles in a project. That sort of stuff usually never works, because the changes in the project are executed first and then the model is adapted. This kind of work is rightfully regarded as either braindead or luxury (depending on who you ask).

The correct way is that changes in the project must be driven by changes in the model.

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I used to use gaphor, which is GTK2 based and draws nice diagrams using cairo. It's Python based and can analyze and display Python code in UML. Only, it's not under active development at the moment.

Best install from PyPI: https://pypi.python.org/pypi/gaphor

Github: https://github.com/thet/gaphor

Website: http://gaphor.sourceforge.net/

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I liked BOUML but now the free version is no longer available... there is a fork named DOUML, check it out

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