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Are there any frameworks or API to store data client side conveniently, by transferring from database, during user's session ? I'm looking for any framework so that I dont have to, perhaps, care about whether or not the browser support LocalStorage or other storage technologies & I can seamlessly store data!?

For my personal use case, I need to be able to pass an unfiltered list of recommended items for user & remove the ones he has added to his lists. I want to store the user's lists client side and then filter the unadded items.

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There might be some caching mechanisms try to utilize them. – Prabhavith Feb 15 '12 at 10:34
@user what is wrong with using localStorage because it is supported by all major browsers: click here – Aidan Mueller Feb 18 '12 at 23:48
@AidanMueller: because only the most recent versions of browsers support HTML 5 storage: FireFox 3, Safari 4, and IE 8; – user01 Feb 19 '12 at 7:30
and what's wrong with cookies? you could combine them both. so if one can't be used, use the other – Aidan Mueller Feb 19 '12 at 20:59

Lawnchair abstracts away the various storage mechanisms available via a series of adapters. It can utilize localStorage, indexedDB, web SQL, and more.

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you can use jQuery .data() or

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Client side storage libraries- Automatically choose storage based on browser - is a good option

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you can check Lungo is a Mobile HTML5 Framework, you can find your Data API really interesting.

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You can find a ton of them at

For example, Artemia

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Have a look at YUI's StorageUtility. The YUI StorageUtility is a nice abstraction

The Storage Utility provides a mechanism for storing significant amounts of textual data, client-side, whether or not your browsers supports the proposed HTML 5 Storage specification.

Each instance of the Storage Utility leverages one of three storage engines in order to store data:

HTML 5: If the client browser supports HTML 5, then this engine will wrap the browser's native storage capability (document.localStorage and document.sessionStorage).
Google Gears: Google Gears is a browser extension that users can install on their machine. One of its features is a SQLite database; the Storage Utility uses this database for client-side storage when using the Gears engine.
SWF: YUI provides a SWFStore Utility that normalizes access to the Flash Shared Object. This is the Storage Utility's fallback engine, which will work on most browsers due to the significant penetration of the Adobe Flash plugin.

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