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Does anyone know any workflow application where its tasks need the results from their predecessors during the execution? For example, a task has ten predecessors. It might not need the results from all ten before it can start. For these applications, the task can be scheduled to start first, as long as the results of those necessary predecessors are available. the results of other predecessors will be needed at certain points during the execution of the task.

Or it might be dataflow applications?


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libdispatch (a.k.a. Grand Central Dispatch) allows task execution dependencies using what it calls "groups".

For example:

dispatch_group_t group = dispatch_group_create();
dispatch_group_async(group, queue, ^{
    printf("Block in 'group'\n");
dispatch_group_async(group, queue, ^{
    printf("Delayed Block in 'group'\n");
dispatch_group_notify(group, queue, ^{
    printf("'group' finished, now this Block executes.\n");

Groups can be nested.

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I'm not clear on precisely what you need to do, but you might be looking for an ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) tool. ETL tools allow you to set up flow of data:

  • Retrieving data from a source (DB, file, webservice, etc)
  • Combining, transforming, munging in any way you need really
  • Sending/storing data (to DB, file, e-mail, web, ...)

Pentaho Data Integration aka Kettle is one implementation, but there are others as well.

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It's a problem appears in dataflow systems.

The basic example is the Add component, where the result should emitted only when both the values are collected, avoid emit false results. If you can declare the order of messages, it's a qucik win, you should trigger the processing when the last input arrives.

You haven't told us too much about your problem, but if you wanna force the predecessors to be performed before the processing, and inputs are files, probably make is your friend.

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