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I have a WCF Data service hosted in Azure as a Azure Web Role. Have added a Http Module for authentication. The custom Http Module looks at the Authorization header in the request headers and authenticates the user.

When I make a Http request to the WCF Data Service, I run into two issues. There is a Http redirect happening.

I make the request to http:\northwindsample.cloudapp.net\SampleService.svc. The message I get is that "There is no operation listening for http://rd00155d341b52/SampleService.svc, but there is an operation listening for http://northwindsample.cloudapp.net/SampleService.svc/, so you are being redirected there.

Though I am making the request to http:\northwindsample.cloudapp.net\SampleService.svc, it is somehow going to http://rd00155d341b52/SampleService.svc and then gets redirected to the actual service. I get an Http 307 and in the redirect the authorization header is missing.

Later I found that when I add the trailing slash, then there is no redirect happening. How can I prevent this redirection because of missing trailing slash ? Also the issue is that the authorization header is not sent to the redirected Uri.


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Take a look at this:


For updating this in Azure, you will want to either create a startup task or use the IIS management APIs like is used here:


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