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I'm working on plone 3.2.1 and I've made a formlib's form with a custom template:

from Products.Five.formlib import formbase
from Products.Five.browser.pagetemplatefile import ViewPageTemplateFile

class MyForm(formbase.PageForm):

    template = ViewPageTemplateFile('myform.pt')

I want to make a simple change to the standard formlib template. My question is: how do I reference the parts/zope2/lib/python/zope/formlib/pageform.pt inside my template?

<!-- myform.pt -->
<metal:macro metal:use-macro="WHAT GOES HERE??">
  <div metal:fill-slot="extra-info">
    I just want to put a text before the standard formlib template
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Finally, I found the answer:

<html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml"                                            
  <div metal:fill-slot="main">
    <div metal:use-macro="context/@@base-pageform.html/macros/form">
      <metal:block fill-slot="extra_info">
        <!-- HERE we go -->
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Just watch out there (for anyone looking for this, like me): the line:


needs a space in between div and metal:

<div metal:fill-slot="main">

Thanks; very helpful solution.

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