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I am currently porting a windows application on mac 10.6 which uses wifi. I implemented CoreWLan notifications which only pop up when there's a change on the wlan interface.

I want to be notified when the system performs a scan, basically when you open airport.

I know that there's a state of CWInterface which is "scanning" but i haven't found any notif that i could use with that.

Thanks for your time

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I'm assuming you already know about NSNotifications and how they work. The NSNotification name you'll need is: CWScanCacheDidUpdateNotification

Your code should look something like this...

[[[NSNotification center] defaultCenter] addObserver:self selector:@selector(someMethod:) name:CWScanCacheDidUpdateNotification object:nil];

If you don't know how NSNotifications work, I suggest looking at the NSNotification guide. Odd's are, you'll need to use them at some point in your application. It's worth learning about.

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Hi Tanner, The "CWScanCacheDidUpdateNotification" notification only exists since 10.7, i am looking for the equivalent on 10.6. – Sicha May 29 '12 at 7:27

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