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I placed some eggs on my website to create my own package index:

Now I would like to use this index in my buildout configuration:

find-links = ...

To make some packages from that index available for my local python interpreter:

eggs = ...

However, while executing ./bin/buildout i get following error:

Couldn't find index page for 'dashboard-common' (maybe misspelled?)
Getting distribution for 'dashboard-dommon'.
   Installing python.
   Getting distribution for 'dashboard-common'.
   Couldn't find a distribution for 'dashboard-common'.

Any ideas of what can be wrong here?

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Your egg is called, so with an underscore. dashboard_common. You're querying for dashboard-common with a dash.

Those two don't match, that's the problem. Look in your and adjust the name of the package to be dashboard-common. The package itself, the thing you import, can stay dashboard_common.

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What I'm using buildout, there is no file. In the package itself there is also no file so I don't know how to apply your advice. – mnowotka Feb 18 '12 at 13:04
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The problem was not in dash/underscore - in fact having underscore in egg name and dash in buildout requirement was correct. The source of the problem was in egg name - "...py2.7..." when I was using python, version 2.6 so biuldout didn't want do install this one. Because there was no alternatives I got this messages.

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