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I am trying to sort large inputs in the fastest way in ascending order. The code is something like this:

for i in(0..ti)
r.sort_by{|x| -x.last}

This is giving me an error saying undefined method 'last' for nil:nilclass <nomethoderror> from tsort.rb: in sort_by from tsort.rb in 'each' from tsort.rb in 'sort_by'

I don't know where am I wrong.

That's what I have tried for sorting an array...which is r[] which has all the numbers in t! Can anyone please help.

My inputs are less than 10^6!

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Try to give you're variable names more meaning. Its a bit difficult to read. – MrHus May 28 '09 at 13:39
Apparently some of your Array elements are nil. That is strange, because you explicitly call to_i on all arguments. Even nil.to_i is 0. Can you let us know which input you are supplying? Is this exactly identical to your production code? – molf May 28 '09 at 13:56
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I can't reproduce your exact error, I get undefined method 'last' for n:Fixnum (NoMethodError). That makes sense, because you're calling the last method on x, which will hold the values of your Array r, all Fixnums, which do not have a last method.

It should work if you replace the last line with:


The sort method will sort your Array in ascending order by default.

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If you want to sort a list of integers taken from STDIN I suggest something like the following:

lines = STDIN.readlines.map { |x| x.strip.to_i }.sort
puts lines.join(', ')

It's cleaner, more rubyish and faster (read the documentation for Enumerable.sort_by to see why sort is a better alternative to sort_by).

I also see your code expects a number that says how many lines to read. You can get the same behavior by modifying the example above as follows:

line_count = gets.strip.to_i
lines = (1..line_count).collect { gets.strip.to_i }.sort
puts lines.join(', ')
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i want to sort a particular quantity of numbers , that i will take as input so how to do t using lines = STDIN.readlines.map { |x| x.strip.to_i }.sort puts lines.join(', ') – Hick May 28 '09 at 14:36
@mekasperasky: I've edited my answer to reflect your requirement. – Rômulo May 28 '09 at 15:52

Try the sort function on Array's think it does what you need.

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