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$(function(){ var my_value = 'text1'})

but in the console(safari console I use), I don't know how to access my_value variable, since it's the local variable in the function(){} scope.

Any work around or better solution to do this?

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You need to breakpoint that line of javascript. When you step over that line, you should be able to inspect the value happily.

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Unfold your code block so you can set a breakpoint on your specific line. You can also use the keyword debugger; to explicitly set a breakpoint:

    var my_value = 'text1';

enter image description here

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There are multiple ways, you could either add a breakpoint to your javascript code or define a local watch variable in the console which shows you the value of your variable you defined.

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You could pass data and functions as an object to window as I have done below:

    var my_value = 'text1',
        aPublicFunction = function(){
          // blah blah
        aPrivateFunction = function(){
          // blah blah

    // prepare what you want window to see.
    global.publicAPI = {
      my_value: my_value,
      aFunction: aFunction

// 'text1'

// no can do!
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As others have suggested, make use of the debugger.

For Safari (and Chrome), check out Apple's docs, or Firebug if you're using Firefox.

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