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Does the MongoDB GORM Grails plugin support MapReduce and how can I use it? I've been looking in the documentation but seen no mention of it.

The Gmongo plugin supports MapReduce but I find the documentation somewhat lacking. How can I supply a finalize function and set output to inline?

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GMongo is just a thin wrapper around the standard Java MongoDB API, the reference for Map/Reduce is here:



You can just do:


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In gmongo use something like this for accessing finalize function. First define the string of map, reduce and finalize somewhere above the following code and then call the following code:

    MapReduceCommand mapReduceCommand = new MapReduceCommand(coll, map, reduce, null, MapReduceCommand.OutputType.INLINE, null)
    def result = coll.mapReduce(mapReduceCommand)

Here, coll is an object of the collcetion Eg:

    DBCollection coll = db.<your_collection_name>
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