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In my app I want to use ActionBarSherlock because it completely fit to the project. The only problem I have is that I have a screen with tabs and some of them need to be disabled: enter image description here

Only the third tab should be clickable. Other category will be enabled in next screens when the user's logged in.

Is there a clean way to do such a thing?

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Could you handle that behaviour in the TabListener? and revert the tab back to tab3 if the others haven't been enabled.

myTab.setTabListener(new TabListener() {

    public void onTabUnselected(Tab tab, FragmentTransaction ft) {


    public void onTabSelected(Tab tab, FragmentTransaction ft) {
        //if not tab3 & not enabled revert to tab 3 
    public void onTabReselected(Tab tab, FragmentTransaction ft) {

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is it possible to disable the tabs, as I would disable a button? –  injecteer Feb 11 at 0:36
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