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So for a little while I decided to a simple xml file with the json.org library. I'm using java. Here is my XML:

<test attr="attr1">

I see that JsonArray looks like this:


So I start to parse:

            int limit = array.length();
            List<Object>result = new ArrayList<Object>();
            for(int i = 0; i < limit; i ++)
                    Object object = array.get(i);
                    if(object instanceof String)
                        // name of xml object
                    else if(object instanceof .. ???

I can get the first element, which is obviously a string. But I tried parsing the other arrays using String[], Object[], List... This is basic Java so I feel I must be missing something very obvious @_@. What are those elements?

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Apparently, and I should have guessed this, when the XMLTokenizer tokenizes this into a JSONArray object, it parses

"test" into a type String {"attr":"attr1"} into a JSONObject and ["body","value"] into a JSONArray.

Also, all the code is on github, arg :P

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