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i have used the following to set a background for blackberry ..no errors but in the output when i scroll down the image gets repeated .. how to solve this problem .please help me

  public final class MyScreen extends MainScreen
      Bitmap background;
    public MyScreen()

     background = Bitmap.getBitmapResource("CVMS.jpg");
         VerticalFieldManager vfm = new VerticalFieldManager(USE_ALL_HEIGHT | USE_ALL_WIDTH |  


  this is my complete code 
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All you need to do is change a flag in the following line

vfm.setBackground(BackgroundFactory.createBitmapBackground(Bitmap.getBitmapResource("CVMS.jpg"),Background.POSITION_X_LEFT, Background.POSITION_Y_TOP, Background.REPEAT_SCALE_TO_FIT));

You just need to use REPEAT_SCALE_TO_FIT instead of REPEAT_INHERIT

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initially i used that Background.REPEAT_SCALE_TO_FIT then it showed java error 104 Uncaught:illegalArgumentException .. then after i changed to Background.REPEAT_INHERIT then i got the output but when i scroll down the image gets repeated . so how to solve that –  Aadi Narayana Feb 9 '12 at 12:44
That's weird...how about doing this.getMainManager().setBackground(BackgroundFactory.createBitmapBackground(Bi‌​tmap.getBitmapResource("CVMS.jpg"),Background.POSITION_X_LEFT, Background.POSITION_Y_TOP, Background.REPEAT_SCALE_TO_FIT)); if it suits your case –  tipycalFlow Feb 9 '12 at 12:54

Have you tried using Background.REPEAT_NONE ?

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