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How to create custom templates in iOS app having uiimageview ,uitextview,and many other views so that user can select any one template and starts editing it.

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There is a famous library thats floating around for this kind of usage - iOS BoilerPlate

  • It is intended to provide a base of code to start with
  • It is not intended to be a framework
  • It is intended to be modified and extended by the developer to fit their needs
  • It includes solid third-party libraries if needed to not reinvent the wheel

What it includes -

  • HTTP requests and an image cache (both in-memory and disk-based)
  • UITableViews and UITableViewCells: fast scrolling, async images, pull-down-to-refresh, swipeable cells,...
  • A built-in browser so your users don't leave your application when they browse to a certain URL
  • Maps and locations: directions between two points, autocomplete a location, etc.
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