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In my Team Foundation Server, I have a collection containing a Team Project. This Team Project has several contributors. The following lines of code get all contributors of that project:

TfsTeamProjectCollection collection = new TfsTeamProjectCollection(new Uri("http://tfs:8080/tfs/CollectionName"));

IGroupSecurityService groupSecurityService = collection.GetService<IGroupSecurityService>();

Identity contributors = groupSecurityService.ReadIdentity(SearchFactor.AccountName, "[ProjectName]\\Contributors", QueryMembership.Expanded);

Identity[] members = groupSecurityService.ReadIdentities(SearchFactor.Sid, contributors.Members, QueryMembership.None);

Each Identity in members has a Property MailAddress, which in my case is equal to string.Empty.

Where do I administrate those mail addresses?

My first idea was to have a look at the users in Start->Administrative Tools->Computer Management->Users

I selected one of the users and opened his properties. I thought there might be an email property that the TFS would take. But I couldn't find one.

Then I opened the TFS Administration Console, looked for Group Membership and navigated to one of the users. There is also no way of editing properties.

Does anyone know where to set that email address?

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Great question! There is a TFS job that is scheduled to run every hour to update information about security identities stored in TFS against the details in Active Directory. Some of this information includes the display name, security identifier (SID), AD distinguished name, and e-mail address, among other details. You can find out this cache of details by looking at the tbl_security_identity_cache table in the configuration database.

Warning: Querying against or changing the database puts you in a position where you will likely not be able to get support from Microsoft. It's advised that you don't do this unless instructed by a Microsoft support representative in the context of an active support case. You were actually doing it right by using the TFS SDK to get this information.

If your TFS environment is not in an Active Directory environment, then it will attempt to synchronize information from the local machine where TFS is running. It won't have details about the e-mail address to use so it will be left blank.

Starting in the next version of TFS after TFS 2010, each user will be able to update their notification e-mail address in their profile using Team Web Access.

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Thanks for the detailed answer. These are great news. So now I can automatically send an email to each team member whenever a build has been released. :) –  Christian Feb 10 '12 at 8:25
Is there really no way to manage user email addresses if TFS is not connected to AD? Any plugins, API's or similar that can do such a thing? –  Xorandor Feb 10 '12 at 13:10
Correct - in TFS 2005, TFS 2008, and TFS 2010. Users would be able to update their notification e-mail address in the next version of TFS through Profile Management in Team Web Access but I'm not quite sure if there will be a UI exposed for administrators to update them. The next version of TFS is not done yet so we will see! If it's stored in a way that can be edited through the API, then someone could potentially build a custom tool to do it as well. –  Ed Blankenship Feb 10 '12 at 21:14
With Tfs 2012, is there a way to know what emails are used as [Members' Default Alert Address] when setting up Team alerts? See my entire question here –  Urban Björkman Feb 6 '13 at 15:23

I believe this is kept in Active Directory.

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If Active Directory does not get synched with TFS, and assuming your goal to keep email address is for sending notifications you can use the IEventService.GetEventSubscriptions() methods.

var eventService = (IEventService)collection.GetService(typeof(IEventService));

foreach (var member in members)
    var subscription = eventService.GetEventSubscriptions(member.DisplayName).First();
        if (subscription != null && string.IsNullOrEmpty(member.MailAddress))
            member.MailAddress = subscription.DeliveryPreference.Address;
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The assignment member.MailAddress = ... is not persistent, is there a Save/Update function that need to be called afterwards? –  mhu Feb 24 at 9:13

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