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We need to update some cells of an excel file (either xls or xlsx) on an webpage. The other cells dependent will get updated automatically as well.

We have tried to use: Excel Interop but we have encountered too many problems after developing on the server: installing office, errors with security and adding more rights to the NETWORK SERVICE, ... sometimes it works. So it is not stable.

We are looking for an open source library for manipulating an excel file (xls or xlsx) on Could you please recommend us some good ones?

Thanks in advance.

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As you already discovered: Using Interop on the server is NOT supported by MS - see;EN-US;q257757#kb2

Since Windows Vista MS introduced several security-related measures which prevent a Windows Service from doing "desktop-like" things... which means you would have to circumvent several security measures to get it to work (NOT recommended!).

To deal with Excel files without any need for Office etc. in a server-scenario there are several options (free and commercial) out there:

I can recommend Aspose.Cells and Flexcel... didn't try SpreadsheetGear but hear+read lots of good things about it...

Free options (though for the newer xlsx format only!) are for example OpenXML 2 from MS and EPPlus.

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You can try this library:

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Alternatively you can use the NPOI to change excel files, it don't need Office Instalation and is more simple than Excel Interop.

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If you are using Excel-Version greater than 2003, you might find ClosedXML helpful:

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We have used and are happy with the possibilities and the performance

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I got an error that it does not understand the structure: Reading error: file is not a valid OLE2 Compound File. – olidev Feb 9 '12 at 13:05

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