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I have some XML;


The name1, name2, etc could be anything, i want to be able to get this xml into a dictionary ideally, is this possible using the built in .net serialisation?

Thanks, James.

EDIT: Ideally i dont want to use linq. Is it possible to serialise the whole element array to a string? So i'd end up with a string object 'Data' that contained all the child element tags and data?

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That would be deserialise... –  Guffa Feb 9 '12 at 11:45

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No, but you can use Linq-to-Xml to do so:

XDocument.Load([file path, stream, whatever]).Descendants("data").Descendants()
    .ToDictionary(element => element.Name, element => element.Value)

UPDATE: As OP said in his edit, if there's no way using Linq-to-Xml, then you need to customize XML serialization implementing IXmlSerializable.

Finally, if you go this way, check this other question.

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You can use LINQ to XML with method ToDictionary();

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